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by Asaf Ifergan14th Jun 20201 comment
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Effective Altruism Israel and LessWrong Israel present a new talk - Introduction to existential risk from Artificial Intelligence with Vanessa Kosoy.

In this talk, which assumes no prior knowledge in artificial intelligence, Vanessa will explain the problem in question, and how researchers in the field are trying to solve it. Vanessa is a Research Associate with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) studying the mathematical formalization of general intelligence and value alignment.

The talk will be in English, is not technical, very accessible and quite comprehensive, and is great for both EA's and your non-EA friends that you think should know about this topic.

Here's the facebook event, We start at 19:00 Israel Daylight Time, 16:00 GMT.
See the time in your timezone here.

See you there!