Want to advocate for effective giving but don’t know how?

This giving season from December 1 (Giving Tuesday) through to January 1 (New Years Day) we will be running an Effective Giving Advocacy Challenge.

Sign up and we’ll send a small action you can take each day to make a difference this giving season!

If you have suggestions for actions people can take to advocate for effective giving please email them to us at community@givingwhatwecan.org or share them here in the comments.

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For sure, if you want to get a bit serious about this, please join the EA Lobbying Discussion next Thursday (November 5, 2020) at 5pm UK time at meet.google.com/zoh-bhbf-ajv. We should have an overview of negotiation basics and policy advocacy insights from two government officials. Maximize your leverage by institutionalizing a 'giving' policy.