While the last post was controversial, the most upvoted comment was a meme and the post had positive karma so I'm going to push on. 

Post your best EA memes from this month!

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This ridiculously popular post from Habiba on EA orgs as Zendaya outfits https://twitter.com/FreshMangoLassi/status/1475881815298691073?s=20 

From Linchuan Zhang 

why do I have to type captions to make the images display?

Also when I saw the last post was controversial I mean that it had 15 karma and 37 votes. Which is grimace emoji

Can I add an NSFW meme here? (It's just sexual humor, not pornographic, and I'll spoiler it as soon as I figure out how)

It's up to you, but I will say it sounds like a bold move (which is British for "do it at your own risk, sounds a bit bad to me).