We've built predict your year in 2024, a space for you to write down your forecasts for the year on Fatebook. At the end of your year, you can return, resolve your predictions as YES, NO or AMBIGUOUS, and reflect. 

Some of Sage’s forecasting questions for the year (my forecasts are redacted for privacy!)

You can use this tool to predict your personal life in 2024 - your goals, relationships, work, health, and adventures. If you like, you can share your predictions with friends - for fun, for the wisdom of the crowd, and for extra motivation to achieve your goals this year! 

You can also use this tool to predict questions relevant to your team or organisation in the coming year - your team strategy, performance, big financial questions, and potentially disruptive black swans. You can share your predictions with your team and let everyone contribute, to build common knowledge about expectations and pool your insights.

If you use Slack, you can also share your page of predictions in a Slack channel (e.g. #2024-predictions), so everyone can easily discuss in threads and return to it throughout the year.

There are some starter questions to make it super easy to get started predicting your year. You can tweak these and write your own - the questions you write yourself will likely be the most important for you.

See also our previous posts on Fatebook, Fatebook for Slack and Quantified Intuitions. You can find out more about Sage and see all of our projects on our website.

I'd love to hear how you use this tool (particularly if you use it with your team) and how we could improve it. You can get in touch here, by email, or in our Discord.




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