Introducing the EA Assembly

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Introducing the EA Assembly

The EA Assembly is a global online gathering for EAs to discover and get involved in the latest EA projects.

Join us this Sunday for five lightning talks from project leaders, followed by breakout sessions to contribute ideas, skills and feedback.

The talks are:
  • Good Gamers: EA outreach to the gaming community - Kyle Scott
  • Solving Donor Coordination - Peter Hurford
  • The Moral Network - Shane Allen, Sigbjørn Stranahan
  • The .impact Community Suite - Tom Ash
  • Moral Economics - Bird's eye view - Diego Caleiro

For more detail on the talks check out:

How to Assemble

First up, email now to join the slack and take part in the online chat.

On Sunday at 8pm UTC join the Google Hangout at this link:

The lightning talks will finish by 9pm UTC, when the breakout sessions will start. You can join and leave breakout session whenever you wish. You can find all the links to these at:

Comment below with any feedback or questions. Alternatively email or

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