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Idea & logistics developed by Samuel Belon & Isabel Johnson, the organizers, with much appreciated feedback and support from Andres & Monica, Haydn Belfield, Juan B. García Martínez, Carl Robichaud, Claudette Salinas Leyva, and others.


What we're doing

Inspired by conversations at EAGx Latin America, we thought it would be a good idea to start an introductory reading group on nuclear issues. If you read this and it sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know by filling out this form by February 15th. 

Little to no background knowledge is assumed. We are taking a broad view of the field: prevention of nuclear weapons usage, prevention of theft of nuclear materials by non-state actors, accidents in nuclear power plants, etc. Read through the syllabus to find out more. 


Participation per group is capped at 25 total participants to allow everyone space to contribute to the discussion.

I'll send out a When2Meet shortly after February 15th in order to solidify meeting times by February 24th. I expect that the time will be especially convenient to participants between GMT+1 and GMT-3, with flexibility. If you are interested in hosting alternate sessions based in different time zones, e.g. GMT-9 or GMT+10, let me know! 

Weekly meetings will last around 1.5 hours, with the exception of the first meeting. To introduce ourselves to each other before beginning discussion, we should expect at least 2 hours. Weekly reading load is estimated at below 2 hours, for a total weekly commitment of up to 3.5 hours. All readings will be provided.


Tentative Schedule


Week One - Mar. 8

Introduction to nuclear security and nuclear weapons issues


Week Two - Mar. 15

Nuclear weapons in the Cold War 

Week Three - Mar. 22

Consequences of nuclear war

Nuclear winter

Human extinction

Week Four - Mar. 29

Nuclear weapons near-accidents

Week Five - Apr. 5

MAD and the multipolarity problem

Week Six - Apr. 12

Nuclear power accidents

Week Seven - Apr. 19

Non-state actor acquisition of nuclear weapons

Week Eight - Apr. 26


  • Flexible depending on interest






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Very excited that you're doing this. The reading and listening list looks terrific. Here are a few suggestions, which you can take or leave! 

Some perspectives from sociology and related fields:

And a moving piece from the New Yorker (accounts from Hiroshima survivors), and Eisenhower's speech he gave to the UN General Assembly:

Molly, this is awesome! After (/possibly during)  scheduling, if everyone's on board, I'm looking forward to finalizing an updated syllabus with resources like these and popular input. I think firsthand accounts are going to be much more valuable than their poor representation on my original syllabus indicates. Thank you so much! :) 

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