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Rethink Priorities (RP) has grown significantly, hiring 32 people in 2022 and completing ~60 research projects. In addition to our ongoing animal welfare research, we scaled our teams addressing global health and development, AI governance and strategy, and general longtermism. We also worked on pioneering initiatives like the Moral Weight Project, ran message testing, coordinated forums, and incubated new projects. In 2023, we intend to continue driving progress on global priorities by accelerating priority projects and further increasing the effectiveness of others’ work. We also intend to launch a Worldview Investigations team. 

More on RP’s ambitious plans can be found in this post on our impact, strategy, and funding gaps

Open positions

Strong operations and good governance are integral to RP’s success as an organization. To help us scale and have an impact, we are opening the below new roles. 

All positions are remote and may require collaborating with staff in multiple time zones using Google Workspace, Asana, Slack, and other technologies. 

Chief of Staff 

  • Salary: $117,000 to $122,000 USD annually (pre-tax)
  • Summary: Work closely with the COO, operations and HR leads, and the Directors of the Special Projects and the Development & Communications teams, overseeing high-level initiatives and ensuring projects stay on track across the organization
  • A good fit for someone:
    • Who understands nonprofit operations (finance, HR, project management, event planning, fundraising, communications, and legal compliance)
    • With excellent organization and project management skills and attention to detail 
    • Who is comfortable working with confidential information and on multiple projects
    • Based in the US or UK who is able to attend meetings during working hours between UTC-8 and UTC+3 time zones and travel 5-7 weeks per year
  • Deadline: January 8, 2023

Development Professional

  • Salary: $80,155 to $115,235 USD annually (pre-tax)
  • Summary: Help RP to grow sustainably by strengthening relationships with existing donors as well as prospecting and cultivating relationships with new donors with the capacity to give at least $100,000/year toward our annual budget of ~$10 million
  • A good fit for someone:
    • With experience in a development role or similar position
    • With existing networks in EA and adjacent communities, especially with funders
    • Who is intellectually curious, open-minded, resourceful, creative, and good at communicating (especially verbally/interpersonally)
    • Who is able to think strategically and exercise good judgment in identifying new sources of funding
  • Deadline: January 8, 2023

Communications Strategy Professional

  • Salary: $84,540 to $115,235 USD annually (pre-tax)
  • Summary: Help RP to have an impact by mapping and identifying the most effective ways to target and engage our external audiences (e.g. researchers, nonprofit organizations, funders, and policymakers) 
  • A good fit for someone:
    • With experience developing a communications plan 
    • Who understands EA and longtermism and is able to convey complex topics to different audiences in accessible yet nuanced ways
    • Who is intellectually curious, open-minded, resourceful, creative, and good at communicating (especially in writing and with a sense of visual aesthetics)
    • Who is able to think strategically and exercise good judgment in identifying mediums of communication to use or to eliminate or deprioritize
  • Deadline: January 8, 2023

Board of Directors

  • Salary: Voluntary for 3-10 hours/month or $40.53/hour for 5-10 hours/week  
  • Summary: Ensure that our senior management is making responsible, legal, and risk-aware decisions for the organization in the long-run 
  • A good fit for someone:
    • Who has knowledge/experience in longtermism, launching/supporting new ventures, and/or scaling organizations
    • With professional legal or nonprofit finance experience
    • Who is able to take on tasks such as evaluating senior management (note: while the majority of our board is required by our bylaws to be unpaid, we would like to pay up to two members for more intensive work; see more here
  • Deadline: January 13, 2023

Application process

Our descriptions of who would be a good fit outline the types of experience and skills that would likely make someone a strong candidate. However, we weigh candidates’ anonymized answers to our application prompts more heavily than their CVs. So, if you think that you would be a good fit for one of the above roles, we encourage you to seriously consider applying even if you don’t perfectly match our descriptions!

We promise to be transparent and communicative and make the application process as lean and fair as possible.

Apply: Visit our Careers Page for the full job descriptions and to apply.

Contact: Comment below or email careers@rethinkpriorities.org with any questions. 

Webinar: The Development and Communications team will hold a virtual Q&A on their openings on December 15th from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST. Submit your questions here and join the webinar here





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