After further review, here are the reasons this post failed:

The forum serves as a place of persuasion for why an issue is important, and does not serve as a space to collaborate on solutions related to government policy and social/emotional wellbeing. Therefore, the content of my post appeared low-effort due to lack of details and rhetorical points.

People also associated the ground rules section with riteous behavior that previous people have engaged in.


Before responding to this post, here are some ground rules for the discussion:

  1. This discussion is mainly for EA's in the US. Don't give personal opinions about the politics of a country you don't live in. Offering well-thought-out hypothetical solutions that add to the discussion are fine.

  2. This discussion is strictly for solutions on the following issues.

  3. This discussion is serious. It is not a debate as to whether the following issues are legitimate. If you don't believe these are issues, this discussion is not for you.

3.5. This is discussion is in part to address the negative effects of political propaganda, and is not a place to discuss the political propaganda you believe. This relates to all the common 'isms' 'obias' as well as classism. While classism may be socially acceptable in your community, this discussion is to address it and not promote it. This includes negative attitudes towards people in poverty as well as toxicly positive attitudes towards the availability of resources and economic conditions.


Things are obviously not going well.

On a societal level it's not going well enough for me to be able to try and organize something. At this point I'm concerned that so many people are focused on bare minimum survival needs that they can't implement solutions.

My biggest concerns about our society:

  1. The overall population not getting their basic survival needs met, in the following areas: -food insecurity -housing -healthcare -disability services -domestic violence -community violence

  2. Many politicians are not supporting the interests of the people. Bipartisan legislation isn't passing.

  3. The economy. Cyclical recessions, rising costs of living, stagnant wages, underemployment, and unemployment.

  4. United States Culture, in the areas of: -Narcissism (Social Media, Entertainment Industry, Politics, Academia, Non-Profit Sector) -Workplace abuse -Right wing extremism -Increased support for human rights abuses

4.5. This is impacting Generation Alpha in extreme ways, as public school teachers everywhere are reporting exponential increases in helplessness, violent behavior, poor social skills, and severe mental illness.

  1. Lack of access to information. -the spread of fake news -mass production of low-quality information -search engine algorithm bias -search algorithm bubbles -media-created attentional decrease -emotion-based clickbait

All my ideas on hypothetical solutions are in regards to policy, community organizing, and personal growth. I have fractions of solutions in my head, I'm curious to the thoughts the rest of you are having.

I'm also curious if anyone has ideas on solutions based on if traditional implementation is not possible. From a statistical standpoint I have concerns about the majority of the population being unable to participate in solutions. It seems like people's current go-tos in these situations is violence. In my community there have been riots, arson, shootings, suicides, and generic violence and crime. I'd love to try to come up with effective alternatives.





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