Politicians are marketed to us like products.
But they should actually be thought of like job applicants.
I'd like to make it a norm that they submit a "job application".
This is a project that I imagine a small (e.g. one-person) org could do a good of.

It would be nice to see what politicians have actually accomplished, in a compressed and informative format.
The job application should include things like:
* a resume
* a cover letter
* a statement of what you intend to accomplish -- and how
* a short list of campaign priorities (e.g. 3)
I imagine this being a bit like applying for an academic position.

Here are some steps to take:
* get some domain names
* make a standard "job application" form with input from experts
* publicize it

A key component of this is to make the resume accurate and informative.  I think accuracy would be incentivized if this took off because you'd have a lot of eyes on them. I think informativeness could be fostered by having a very standardized format.  This would probably be a big part of the value-add (along with having them centralized).  

With more funds, it would be possible to create resumes for politicians who don't participate, which might help pressure them to participate.

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A variety of different organizations have attempted projects like this in the past and have struggled to generate interest in participating among political candidates. For the most well-known, see: https://ballotpedia.org/Survey.

Thanks for that! 
I'm interested if you have other examples.

This one looks similar, but not that similar.  The whole framing/vision is different.

When I visit their webpage, the message I get is: "hey, do you maybe want to opt in to this thing to tell us about yourself because you can't get any real publicity?"

The message I want to send is: "Politicians are job candidates; why don't we make them apply/grovel for a job like everyone else?