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Hi all, 

I would greatly appreciate your perspectives on potential AI paths and outcomes through a brief survey. All questions are multiple-choice and will remain completely anonymous.

The survey presents several AI “dimensions” (key factors) followed by “conditions” (future outcomes) and asks participants to:

  1. Rank the potential impact of the condition on stability and security (from greatly increase to greatly decrease or no effect)
  2. Rank the likelihood (plausibility) of the condition to occur (from highly likely to highly unlikely).

I am developing a modeling technique that captures many of the more complex, nonquantifiable dynamics and will fill an important gap in the literature. 

The goal of the survey is not for prediction but to derive specific values to better outline the space of plausible futures. For a more detailed look into the purpose and methods see the full post here

For details on methodology and research purpose, I provide a brief write-up of both and a description of the dimensions and conditions in the spreadsheet, located here: https://tinyurl.com/AIfutures




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Updated the survey with a google form that seems to move a little faster. https://forms.gle/92TAeBxE4zttT5P9A

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