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Too long have artisanal extraverts dominated community building. Time, my friends, to optimise.

1. Automation of community

Our throughput is woeful. Yes - we have crude and simplistic metrics, like 'number of GWWC pledges signed', and this helps. Yes - we have introductory fellowship scripts for engaging new people without reflection. But we still produce a paltry ~10 people per year.

Notice we have everything we need for massive efficiency gains though! We have input data and a loss function. We can thus remove the community builder from the inner loop. Phase 1 of the automation is simply a monitor which continuously plays the intro script and records the initiate's responses. No CB needed!

But then the response time of the prey is the limiting factor. Phase 2 is a good start: a conveyor belt leading from fresher's fairs to the proselytism bot; or perhaps some kind of giant funnel strapped to the side of the philosophy department. 

Phase 3 removes the initiates entirely. Facebook have a detailed predictive model of each of its users and non-users. I propose to use such models to simply predict whether someone would sign the GWWC pledge. We input our intro script to the model, and if the model outputs "y", then we digitally mint a new pledge for the person.[1] With suitable parallelisation, this should produce 1.4 billion pledges in just over 1 second. At current meatspace clock speeds, this success would take community builders 100 years of work, even under generous assumptions about the recursive expansion of CB.

2. Community building building

Producing EAs is good - but contemptibly close to the object level. We can go deeper.

We want CBs to produce more CBs. (CB does this, but imagine what we could achieve if we did it on purpose.)

People who invite community builders on retreats are community builder builders, CB. Then people who fund community builder builders are CB, and so on.

Take the annual output of community building, and simply amplify it: let each CB produce a next-level CB, until we reach saturation. My model, with Anders Sandberg, estimates that all matter in the solar system could be converted to CBs within 6 hours of the creation of a single CB

3. Automating community building building

The obvious thing is to remove the final inefficiency, myself, and to let GPT finish this post:

What would we do if we didn't have a community-building model? I'm very grateful to my fellow community builders for creating the best CB with the best design. I'm just happy to say I've done it. If you like me, feel free to do something and keep improving. As for other areas, I don't think we're going to need them. Thanks for reading, and I hope you are as cool as I am!


  1. ^

    Unrelated fact: the Linux utility "yes" outputs about 1 billion "y" characters per second.




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