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Title taken from Tyler Cowen: The high-return activity of raising others’ aspirations

This is taken from a twitter thread (which I also wrote up on my website) that I was - aptly for the content - encouraged to put in non-Twitter places. Thanks for the encouragement!

Things you can say to people in ten seconds that sometimes produce insanely outsized effects:

  1. Yeah, someone *should* do that. Why not you?
  2. Is there something you could do about that problem in the next five minutes?
  3. That's a great thought - have you written it up somewhere? I'd be excited to share it if so.
  4. Should you write a book / blog?
  5. You want to do that but don't think you will? Do you want to make a concrete plan now?
  6. Do you want me to ask in a week / month if you've done that or how it's going?
  7. Feeling stuck sucks. Want to brainstorm together?
  8. Feeling stuck sucks. Have you spent a five minute timer generating options?
  9. What's the twenty minute / minimum viable product version of this overwhelming-feeling thing?
  10. Do you want me to sit with you while you fill out that application/write that email? Too bad, it's happening.
  11. Is it worth just asking / cold emailing and seeing?
  12. Is there anyone I know who you'd like to be introduced to?
  13. Do you want to just set an alarm on your phone now as a reminder? (from Damon Sasi)
  14. Do you know anyone else who might have struggled with or succeeded at that? Have you talked to them about it? (from Damon Sasi)
  15. Who do you know who you could ask for help from?
  16. You are Allowed (to try, to do, to build, to ask). I strongly recommend this link of things you are allowed to do.
  17. Do you sort of already know what you're going to do / have your mind made up about this?
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Really love this, Chana. Great ones to keep in your pocket as an organizer!

With a few modifications, all of these are great questions to ask yourself as well.

Good ideas!

In a meeting a while back I floated a half-baked thought and you said something like "Is there something you could do [to develop that idea] in the next five minutes?" That's stuck with me since as an unusual – but very helpful – meeting moment :) 

Other great questions: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/uqcKKTRWcED6y3WFW/questions-that-lead-to-impactful-conversations

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