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Design-Jobs & (Science)Communication for EA?

by JanaKiara1 min read12th Jul 20202 comments


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I have a background in UX / Interactive Media Design, finished my bachelor in August last year, and am now in my first full-time job. I wondered how to develop and use my skills best from an EA perspective.

As I really like my current job, I don't think I will fully get out of it for the next 2-5 years. Now, what do I do with that?

1. Option would be to use it to build some career capital, then move into a non-profit, doing stuff in operations, maybe communication, or just see, what the 80k job board holds for me at that point in time.

2. Another thought I had lately, reading also comments in the forum about further building and protecting EA from losing its relevance, was to use my skills and network to essentially set up an agency for EA designs & science communication. Is something like that existing? Would it make sense to have something like this?

For example, supporting different Organisations with Social Media Accounts, to also gather more attention from younger people / next generations. Apps that help people in the area connect, apps that train people's reasoning...

A lot of ideas in my head regarding that. I'd like to get your thoughts on it and how to move on with that.

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2 Answers

Jah Ying Chung did a UX research study about how to improve communication and understanding between Western and Asian EA communities. So there's precedent for your second idea, but nothing like a fully fledged organization yet.

Hey Jana,

I work as a Product Designer, so I'm glad to see another person with a UX background in the EA community! There are relatively few of us in EA, and I think there's also very few paid UI/UX job opportunities in EA. There are some volunteer opportunities though.

Feel free to message me here on the forum and I can help give some career advice or introduce you to a few other UI/UX designers in EA. I would also recommend you to join this Artists and Designers in EA Facebook group and you can chat with other EAs working as UI/UX designers there!