This post is specifically aimed at Oxford and Cambridge EAs

Probably the main reason Oxford has produced so many prime ministers is the Oxford Union debating society.[1]

The Oxford Union Society and the Cambridge Union Society are training grounds for future political leaders.[2] They also have wide reach within the student bodies and online. 

EA students at Oxford/Cambridge should consider running for office at the Union. 

  • You can help choose the speakers that are invited during the term, and help share EA values
  • You can socialise with people who may go on to hold the highest positions in government - these may be extremely valuable contacts to have in the future
  1. ^

    ‘A nursery of the Commons’: how the Oxford Union created today’s ruling political class, Guardian 2022 

  2. ^

    Former officers of the Oxford Union include prime ministers, cabinet ministers and many MPs.




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From what I've heard, Cambridge EAs have already been elected to positions in the Cambridge Union. I think several EAs at Oxford have also been in Oxford Union-adjacent circles, although it seems like most haven't engaged with the Union due to lack of interest.

FWIW, I'm guessing most people focused on a social science at Oxbridge have already made up their mind about whether they'd like to network at the Unions or try their hand at getting elected for something. That being said, it seems like relatively few people have considered the potential impact of voting in said elections, as well as other things that would not require serious engagement. 

Other than the first Guardian article you reference, I would also recommend this piece and the book it is about:

It made the potential political impact of the Oxford Union much more salient and clearer to me. Talks about a range of things like the history of the Union, political connections, debating styles, the inception of Brexit.

Maybe it should also be mentioned both Student Unions are also likely high impact opportunities. 

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