I’m posting this call for funding for Students for High Impact Charity because (while completely independent in funding, management, ability to split off, and everything else!), it’s under the broad .impact umbrella, and we’re providing support to it from .impact Focus Projects (a distinct team and subset of projects under the same umbrella). I know Tee and Baxter well - we’ve worked out of the same Vancouver EA office for a long time - and unreservedly recommend them as a team. I can also testify that their need for funding is genuine and counterfactually valid. I’m very excited to throw the support of .impact behind this project.

“As many of you might have heard by now, Students For High-Impact Charity (SHIC) is hard at work trying to cultivate the next generation of effective altruists. We’ve already begun implementing our program in high schools and universities in several countries, but the time has come for us reach out to the EA community for support. 

We’ve bootstrapped the SHIC launch in April, and in order for our good work to continue, we’ll need to remain operational at least until December to see our initial pilot program through in dozens of schools. 

Our organizational costs almost exclusively consist of a single full-time employee. 

Below is our full business proposal detailing everything that we believe a committed supporter of ours would like to see. Everyone is welcome to share their comments directly on the document itself.


We envision an entire global network of secondary and university students with the technical ability to thrive in the real world and the vision to make it a better place for others. Please feel free to share this document with anyone you think shares our ambition. Thanks everyone!”




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Very much appreciate the ringing endorsement, Tom. Anyone interested in discussing the project, please feel free to reach out at tee@highimpactstudents.org

I think this will be a great project, and am quite excited about it!

Consider donating!