We're excited to announce that, with the help of volunteers, we've secured funding for a 600+ person EAGx in the Netherlands next year (city TBD).

Fortunately, we've also got funding to pay people to help us pull this off. Therefore, we're inviting applications for one of our freelance organising team roles by January 7th. Apply HERE.

Why join?

  • Impact!
  • Gain experience and build your reputation 
  • Approximately €25 per hour (incl. taxes, freelance)

Read more about the roles and apply HERE before midnight CET, January 7th.

Remember, the ideal candidate does not actually exist, you’re probably a very capable person, so please always err on the side of applying!

We can't wait to see your application and welcome you aboard!

P.S. Ideas for this conference are very welcome, feel free to send us a DM if you have any suggestions, or email us at info@effectiefaltruisme.nl. 




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