In March we (ALLFED) became increasingly concerned about the global impacts from COVID-19 on food systems and food security.  From our work and outreach emerged the Food Systems Handbook, a collaborative effort to collate resources around the current food crisis, especially focusing on case studies, best practices, resilience building and other short term response strategies (6-24 months).

Since our launch event in June we had constructive and interesting conversations with NGOs (Mercycorp, OXFAM, …), governments (DEFRA, USAID, …), the private sector (Bayer, Calysta, …) and multilaterals (FAO, WFP, …). As a result we have been able to collate over 400 resources in our database. Additionally, thanks to great support from our small volunteer team, these resources have been tagged and categorized to simplify the current information available, making it easier for decision makers to find the right data.

Now we are running a series of follow-up roundtable discussions on October 30th and 31st. We’re inviting experts across agriculture, logistics, supply chains, finance and more to devise multidisciplinary solutions to the current global food crisis. We are hosting 3 sessions. You can find details and sign up here.

Ideally, to increase the impact and value of the event you can contribute in one or more of the following ways:

  • Note taking
    • Attend the sessions and take notes, so that we can create a lessons learned / highlight document after the event. Due to potential several breakout rooms our team might be too small to host and take notes at the same time.
  • Moderating roundtable discussions
    • Depending on the amount of attendees we will create multiple breakout rooms (via Zoom) and a moderator equipped with our guiding questions can lead the conversations to productive outcomes.
  • Contribute to the conversation
    • We are aiming to facilitate conversations with diverse perspectives. If you, or someone you know either has knowledge around food security or is an expert in a tangent discipline, please consider joining. This could be people with a background in usually non-food associated areas such as finance/insurance or members from forecasting communities.
  • Sharing the event
    • Please consider sharing the event link with people who might be interested and could contribute to the dialogue.

If you are interested in contributing to the sessions or the handbook project in general please reach out to me via . I appreciate it a lot!




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