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We think the format of the EA Hotel is quite successful, and we would like to make it financially self-sufficient. So we’re opening up 4 rooms for the EtG role. Each one of these would be tasked with bringing in approx £20.000-£25.000 a year. The rest of it would be yours to keep, even if you made considerably more.

The role is important. We think it earns some privileges. Earning to give at the hotel means that you’ll be exempt from housework, and be given an en-suite room. With systems in place to meet all of your needs, the only thing you’ll be left to do is your remote job.

The most obvious remote job to combine with this role would be that of a software engineer. If you have software engineering skills, we are willing to offer mentorship to help you get started. Most ideally, multiple EtG’ers with similar jobs would help each other get up to speed.

If you’re interested, we will be happy to receive your application here. Or send us an email!




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