Major news outlets have published articles about the Future of Life Institute's Open Letter. Time Magazine published an opinion piece by Elizer Yudkowsky. Lex Friedman featured EY on his podcast. Several US Members of Congress have spoken about the risks of AI. And a Fox News reporter asked a what the US President is doing to combat AI x-risk at a White House Press Conference.


Starting an Open Thread to discuss this, and how best to capitalize on this sudden attention.



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I think being open to talking with as many people as you can about AGI x-risk is especially important now. This is a chance for it to become a mainstream political issue. Try and steer conversations about AI-induced job losses toward "the big one, the AI Apocalypse; that's the end game that we need to prevent".

I'll note that I've been using the term "AI Apocalypse" to refer to AGI x-risk in a non-jargony way for a while now, when talking to friends and family outside of the EA/LW/x-risk community. 

I'm currently thinking that if there are any political or PR resources available to orgs (AI-related or EA) now is the time to use them. Public interest is fickle, and currently most people don't seem to know what to think, and are looking for serious-seeming people to tell them whether or not to see this as a threat. If we fail to act, someone else will likely hijack the narrative, and push it in a useless or even negative direction. I don't know how far we can go, or how likely it is, but we can't assume we'll get another chance before the public falls back asleep or gets distracted (the US has an election next year, so most discourse will then likely become poisoned). This is especially important for those in the community who are viewed as "serious people" or "serious organizations" (lots of academic credentials, etc.)

Write to your political representatives.

I'm planning on actually doing that. It'll be the first time I've done so in years.

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