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To quote Kaj_Sotala's original thread:

We have plenty of effective altruists around the world, each doing something to make the world a better place. If we all work separately and don't report of our work, most of our efforts will go unnoticed by others in the community, who could otherwise provide encouragement or suggestions, or be inspired by our work.

If you've recently carried out some effective altruist activity, come here and let us know about it.




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Here's some of what I've been up to since the last thread:

Wow, this is amazing! Go you!

I finally got to asking my partner if she would be OK with me sending 10% of my salary to charity (we have shared finances, so my money is hers too) and she said yes right away. Will start doing that from my December paycheck on. I'm finally an EA! In other news, I made a payment to CSER on Thursday which after tax and employer gift matching is sorted out should be worth £6500; I've been setting the money aside all year while kicking my employer and the University of Cambridge slowly along the gift matching progress.

EDIT: I wrote CFAR, but I meant CSER! Fixed.

Awesome! Although you were already an EA ;)

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