Hello everyone! 

I have an idea for a website for the United Nations 17 Global Goals. 

I do not have experience in starting a nonprofit or coding. I do have experience using website builders. I generally can only work a few months out of the year and would mostly only be able to participate as a site user and as a person who builds the ideological framework. 

I know for a site like this the most important aspects would be upholding organizational values through strong leadership and moderation. Having worked in the nonprofit sector I have seen how having values written on paper does not translate to the company upholding those values, since that is influenced by the individuals and the dynamics (positive or negative) that they create. 

Is there a way I could just focus on making and structuring the site and other people figure out the paperwork/taxes/liability/etc. while simultaneously enforcing a positive organizational culture? 

I will mention, if there was a disability-friendly work-stay living situation available for people developing ideas like this I would be able to take on significantly more work. 

How could I go about creating this in the most effective way possible? And what steps can I take to ensure positive organizational culture? 





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Why do you need a legal entity? Maybe you could describe the project/website in more concrete terms – that would make it easier to give concrete recommendations.

As to why I need liability assistance: Honestly. I don't know. Which is why it's important. I don't want to catch myself in a situation where I don't know about some ridiculously obscure tax or business law and it screws me over.

It has nothing to do with the project. If I was doing a project for a non-altruistic purpose I'd be asking the exact same thing.

In general I am very uncomfortable with paperwork. I don't know how to fill something out when every response is not applicable. Usually I just find someone who knows how to interpret paperwork and they figure out what the best response is.

I'm asking the most effective way to start a website-based nonprofit without having CEO-responsibilities meanwhile keeping the project's integrity.

I'm asking because fiscal sponsorships seem to require almost an equal amount of effort as just starting an organization myself. Which is not realistic for me to complete paperwork and taxes by myself.

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