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I'm eighteen years old and live in the Netherlands. I currently have a job at a fruit stand in the local market. I would like to get a job that gives me more skills and career capital but don't know where I can find one for an eighteen-year-old. I don't think I can offer a lot of intellectual value, so I am looking for a more physical job, with maybe a little bit of intellectual work.  What skills are useful to develop and what jobs can help me develop them? Any suggestions would be more than welcome.




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I agree with the other commenters. I also wouldn't underestimate the value of your current job! Hopefully at this job you can notice, and also ask your boss and coworkers, some of the things you're particularly good at and interested in.

For example, you may find you are particularly good at working with customers, or planning ahead and making the most of your time during your shift, or spotting ways to potentially improve the fruit stand. Try to keep track of any little stories or examples of how you've been helpful, as they can be useful at helping you figure out what type of job you might like to try next and also in interviewing for that next job.

Would it be possible to get a job tutoring high school students (or younger students)?

Maybe you could reach out to local EA orgs and see if they have any odd jobs they could pay you for?

Also if it's at all financially possible for you, I would recommend self-study in whatever you're interested in (e.g. programming/math/social science blah blah blah) with the hope of getting a job offering more career capital later on, rather than stressing out too much about getting a great job right now.

Hi fellow Dutchie!

I'd recommend getting a career talk at 80,000 hours, they offer free career counseling and might be easiest way to get quality advice!

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