Are you at a professional inflection point? We can help you find the next thing, and make sure it aligns with your values.

Talented people want to work on projects aligned with their values. There are lots of value-aligned projects, but little research on scalable methods to connect the two, along with connecting people to potential collaborators. I am part of a team working on Inflection Point. Inflection Point will connect people to projects that align with their values, and potential collaborators to make those projects happen.

We are currently alpha testing the service, and are looking for people at professional inflection points who want to work on something value-aligned, but are having trouble finding a project or people to work on that project with. If this sounds like you, please shoot me a message or email!




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I received the email about potential 1-on-1s today. Thank you! 

I forgot 1) you were doing this and 2) I'd signed up. Seems like a really great idea so far; I'm excited to see what happens

Update: I've met with two people so far thanks to Inflection Point and they were both awesome!

Hey Neil,

How is this different from EA CoLabs? This team is working to connect people with projects and need as much help as they can help as they can get. Would it be worth joining them over starting a new project?

Hi Hazelfire,

Thanks for pointing them out, we’ll definitely have a chat with them!

It looks to me like they’re mostly focused on volunteering opportunities at pre-existing projects, whereas our main focus is going to be in helping people start / join something new - not necessarily volunteering. Our aim is to break down the barriers that would keep people from going into value-aligned jobs / full-time roles, where CoLabs appears to be mostly matching helping hands to projects that need help.

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