Headline: ‘Effective Altruism’ Led Bankman-Fried to a Little-Known Wall St. Firm

The article itself doesn't actually say much about EA, but many of the comments are (predictably) hostile.  FWIW, I submitted a brief comment here as follows:

Many of the comments here reveal misunderstandings about the philosophy behind Effective Altruism (which is understandable, since it isn't really explained in the main article). For those who would like to learn more, I've written up a FAQ here: https://rychappell.substack.com/p/effective-altruism-faq 

(I'm an Associate Professor of Philosophy, specializing in ethical theory.)

If others have more to add, or want to help signal-boost any better-informed comments, that might help casual readers of the NY Times to get a more accurate impression of EA.

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