Founded in 2015 by Anthony Aguirre and two other physicists, Metaculus will be known to many here as an active community of thousands of forecasters, with a great platform and state-of the art prediction solicitation and aggregation methodology.

In 2020, Metaculus launched an initiative to bring its forecasting capabilities directly to organizations and decision-makers. With a great track record and uncanny timing (a highly uncertain political climate and COVID-19 leading to global interest in forecasting tools) this initiative has led to the expansion of the platform, attracting new funding, user growth, and new leadership. We are assembling an ace team to tackle the massive opportunities that lie ahead.

We're looking for a technical product leader to accelerate our product development. This hire will play a significant role in setting the direction of Metaculus capabilities, as well as our development workflow and culture. We promise an exciting journey with plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. From building a team, to laying the foundational layers of a highly technical information delivery systems, through seeing it all evolve, this role is ready-made for someone seeking a high-impact opportunity, who is ready to tackle challenges with confidence.

What you'd work on:

  • New tools and data products that bring Metaculus forecasts to decision-makers as part of their day-to-day workflow.
  • Our next big backend update involves a new micro-payments system leveraging an alternative web monetization framework, which will enable a new layer of financial incentives on top of our existing scoring system.
  • Bayesian and other causal network visualizations + scenario analysis tools designed to help decision makers analyze conditional options.
  • Machine learning optimizations.

You'll ideally:

  • Have 4+ years experience building web products
  • Have technical development experience
  • Be able to write clean technical specs with scrupulous attention to detail, and also be able to mock up wireframes when the occasion calls for it
  • Be comfortable shipping features end-to-end, from defining the product spec to deploying to production
  • Have hands-on experience managing sprint workflows

How to Apply Email (hello [at] metaculus [dot] com) with your CV and/or link to LinkedIn/personal site, and a few sentences about:

  • Why you're interested in Metaculus
  • What your ideal role looks like
  • What your ideal timeline looks like ("when can you start?")
  • Anything else you’d like us to know :)




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