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So I am from India, just completed my bachelor's in Psychology.

My interest in Psychology arises from me having Borderline Personality Disorder, and facing a lot of difficulties not just due to the disorder but also because of the stigma.

And that's why I want to build my career and dedicate it to mental health awareness, and as a person who has contemplated long and hard about the best way to help people, I find EA movement to be how I want to work.

Effective altruism is a way of living , a selfless way in which every decision is based on logic and not just emotions.

I realise the ironic nature of me saying that, having associated with mental health field due to the stigma I faced and due to my emotional ties with it, but it is what it is.

My question is- can anyone here please help me get a fellowship or job or so with the EA organisations remotely (I am pursuing my masters at the time)?

I want to further my research skills , and really really want to use it to the maximum benefit of the society.




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Riya, I wish you resilience, and thank you for your endeavors!
I suffer from BPD too, and want you to know: what you do matters!

Though I'm not sure about the answer to your question, lest helping you get a job, while struggling with it on my own, you may search the next materials and maybe seek advice there:

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