Announcement: Join the EA Careers Advising Network!

by Evan_Gaensbauer 1 min read17th Mar 20198 comments


Hi everyone! I have created surveys to match up effective altruists with more experience in their given careers as prospective advisors and mentors for students, or those just starting out in their careers. This will form an EA Careers Advising Network, that as it grows over time, will make it easier for more and more effective altruists to find in the community who can help them pursue the highest-impact career they can. The more people fill out the surveys, the easier it will be able to pair up advisees with advisors who are most suited to their needs. Please join this network if you'd like to be an EA careers advisor, or would like to receive guidance on pursuing a high-impact career!

I have also included sections to fill out if you want to participate in EA career advising/coaching in person in 95 cities in 24 countries around the world!

Advisor Survey:

Advisee Survey: