Joey Savoie: September 13, 6:00 PM UK time (10:00am SF, 1:00pm NYC)

Over the coming months, we will be hosting a series of talks aimed at explaining our research findings, our key decisions, and how these may be relevant to EAs and their career decisions. The first talk in this series will be about our experience in finding funding for early-stage projects.  

Securing funding is among the most time-consuming and limiting factors for most project founders. At Charity Entrepreneurship our aim is for more highly-impactful charities to exist in the world. In the past five years we’ve tapped into over 30 sources of funding, ranging from individual donors to some of the larger and more evidence-oriented philanthropic foundations.  Furthermore, we stay close to our past incubatees and have been learning from their funding experiences. 

We’ve recently seen increased attention in EA on funding entrepreneurial projects. With the intensification of funding, the sheer variety, complexity and ever changing landscape; for example, FTX funding ~4% of over 1700 applications, we suspect there may be some value in sharing our perspective on how to achieve early stage funding for impactful projects.  

In this 75-min online talk with Q&A, our Co-founder & Director of Strategy Joey Savoie will share: 

  • What we’ve learned about the Funding Landscape (available funding around EA)
  • How to get your project funded; what works, what doesn’t
  • Why and when to turn down funding

We intend to limit spaces to enable Q&A (subject to how many sign up) and we are also interested in exploring your fit for our programs.  You can sign up below and tell us a little about yourself and, if appropriate, your project.

[Sign up for the talk here]


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