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This position is in senior leadership, and I know I can do the role justice but I'd really like to have a mentor/buddy in the EA space. Specific things that come to mind on the mentor I'd like:

  • Someone to sense check things with when I'm unsure - not in a hugely dependent way but just at once monthly catch-ups

  • Other women that were/are young (<40) and in leadership positions

  • The org receives a fair amount of funds from EA. I've only dipped my toe into the EA world so I'd love to have someone to talk things through with, to check I'm fully focused on impact and rationality

Anything else would be a bonus. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I could find a mentor? I thought about putting a LinkedIn post but I am not fully keen on putting this out there! But I might change my mind on that.




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Congrats on the new job, and a warm welcome to our community! 

I encourage you to reach out to Kathryn from Magnify Mentoring (I'm one of the board members). We support and connect women, non-binary and trans people interested in having a large impact. We have dozens of great mentors, many of whom are young women in leadership positions at orgs funded by EA motivated donors. (You also might be a good fit for becoming a mentor in the future once you have your bearings!)
Good luck!

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Giving some more information on what the role is, which organisation you're at etc. might make it easier for people to connect you to others. Alternatively, information like organisation budget size and which field you're working in could be helpful.

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