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GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) are "cultural institutions with a mission to provide access to knowledge" (Wikipedia). GLAMs are more established and serve a broader (and often local) audience than the EA community, and we could benefit from partnering with them to draw more people into the EA movement, share EA ideas with society at large, and gain access to relevant information that isn't freely accessible on the Web.

For example, one idea that I recently had for EA NYC was to co-organize talks about existential risks for a broader audience with the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Another idea I've had was to hold workshops to encourage EAs to use the resources available through their local libraries, e.g. for research.

So here are my questions:

  • Which GLAMs should EA groups (i.e. your EA group or EA groups in general) partner with?
  • What types of events or other programs could EA groups do with GLAMs?




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Love this idea, and your suggestion of talks with AMNH, it seems like there could be lots interesting content around longtermism or existential risk with a colab there. A small idea would be asking libraries to buy EA and rationality related books (if they don’t have them), and make sure that they’re included with other related books. Like the “business self-help” and “how to be a top CEO” sections should probably include the 80k book imo.

Great idea! Museums and Science Centres seem promising.

Universities sometimes have specialized centres (examples: BioZone and Greater Good Science Center) and Student Investment Funds

Tourist Bureaus might be good resources to find listings of GLAMs

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