Hey Forum. Aaron’s gone,[1] so now it’s up to me to write you updates. I’m better at code than prose, so I usually left the updates to Aaron, but here we are.

I’m super excited about the progress on the Review. People have nominated 592 posts[2], and reading through the list is an inspiring trip through the history of effective altruism. This process helps the community build a repository of our important ideas, recognize the impact their authors have had, and discuss whether those posts have held up.

That discussion is almost over, and the Final Voting phase will soon begin. The reviews have raised my opinion of some posts (for example, when I read a professional grantmaker say that a post had significantly influenced their work),  and made me more skeptical of others. It is my view, following LessWrong, that the reviews are essential for ensuring posts get reconsidered in the context of today, rather than just riding on their original karma. We want our Review systems to have the same rules, and we will follow LessWrong in requiring that only posts with at least one review make it to the Final Voting phase.

Currently there are only 61 reviewed posts. So now’s the time! Please go leave reviews! The review phase ends Tuesday!

  1. ^

    He’s still helping as a moderator, and he probably would have offered to write this for me, but I didn’t give him the chance.

  2. ^

    That’s so many posts that the page was falling over loading them until I stopped it from loading the post contents of all of the posts.




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