The Center for the Governance of AI (GovAI) just released our annual report, summarising our work in 2018 and our plans for 2019.

The Center, housed at the Future of Humanity Institute, strives to help humanity capture the benefits and mitigate the risks of artificial intelligence. Our focus is on the political challenges arising from transformative AI. The Center seeks to guide the development of AI for the common good by conducting research on important and neglected issues of AI governance, and advising decision makers on this research through policy engagement.

The full post is available here. Learn more about our work and opportunities to work for us here. You can also direct questions to me, GovAI Head of Operations & Policy Engagement, at

Below is a summary from GovAI's Director Allan Dafoe.

The governance of AI is in my view the most important global issue of the coming decades, and it remains highly neglected. It is heartening to see how rapidly this field is growing, and exciting to be part of that growth. This report provides a short summary of our work in 2018, with brief notes on our plans for 2019.

2018 has been an important year for GovAI. We are now a core research team of 5 full-time researchers and a network of research affiliates. Most importantly, we’ve had a productive year, producing over 10 research outputs, ranging from reports (such as the AI Governance Research Agenda and The Malicious Use of AI) to academic papers (e.g. When will AI exceed human performance? and Policy Desiderata for Superintelligent AI) and manuscripts (including How does the Offense-Defense Balance Scale? and Nick Bostrom’s Vulnerable World Hypothesis).

We have ambitious aspirations for growth going forward. Our recently added 1.5 FTE Project Manager capacity between Jade Leung and Markus Anderljung, will hopefully enable this growth. As such, we are always looking to help new talent get into the field of AI governance. If you’re interested, visit for updates on our latest opportunities.

Thank you to the many people and institutions that have supported us, including our institutional home--the Future of Humanity Institute and the University of Oxford--our funders--including the Open Philanthropy Project, the Leverhulme Trust, and the Future of Life Institute--and the many excellent researchers who contribute to our conversation and work. We look forward to seeing what we can all achieve in 2019.

Allan Dafoe


Center for the Governance of AI

Future of Humanity Institute

University of Oxford




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