When conducting animal advocacy research projects, the sheer amount of online material can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several research libraries and data repositories that can help you access high-quality, relevant, detailed information. Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) has compiled a list of such sources that we have found particularly useful. We recommend considering these sources when carrying out your own research, in addition to search tools such as Google Scholar, Elicit, Consensus, Research Rabbit, or Semantic Scholar.

For more information on animal advocacy research and its benefits for animal causes, check out our blog post on the topic.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we are interested to hear what other sources of information you have found especially useful.

Animal Charity EvaluatorsResearch libraryA curated collection of research done by individuals, organizations, and academics in the fields of animal welfare science, psychology, social movements, and other relevant fields.
Animal Charity EvaluatorsResearch newsletterA newsletter including all the empirical studies ACE is aware of from the last month about advocating for farmed animals or providing evidence that may be of interest to farmed animal advocates.
Animal AskResearch databaseIn-depth, cross-comparative research to guide decision-making toward the most promising opportunities for animals.
Animal Welfare LibraryAnimal Welfare LibraryA large collection of high-quality animal welfare resources.
Bryant ResearchInsightsIn-depth original research on meat reduction and alternative proteins.
Charity EntrepreneurshipAnimal welfare reportsReports on animal welfare
published by Charity Entrepreneurship.
EA ForumAnimal welfare postsEffective Altruism-focused forum with many posts on animal welfare.
FaunalyticsOriginal studiesOriginal studies on animal issues and animal advocacy conducted by Faunalytics.
FaunalyticsResearch libraryA large library of research about animal issues and animal advocacy.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsFAOSTATFood and agriculture data for over 245 countries and territories, dating from 1961.
Food Systems InnovationAnimal Data ProjectCurated resources for topics related to wild animals and animals used for food, products, research, and entertainment.
Impactful Animal AdvocacySlack communityA global online hub where advocates frequently share animal advocacy research.
Impactful Animal AdvocacyNewslettersMonthly newsletter covering a range of animal advocacy updates and resources.
Impactful Animal AdvocacyIAA WikisA collection of Wiki databases on a variety of animal advocacy topics.
Open PhilanthropyFarm animal welfare research reportsOpen Philanthropy’s research reports on farmed animal welfare.
Our World in DataAnimal WelfareData, visualizations, and writing on animal welfare.
Plant Based DataLibrariesAn organization providing studies and summaries on why we need a plant-based food system.
Rethink PrioritiesResearch reportsRethink Priorities’ research reports on animal welfare.
Sentience InstituteSummary of evidence for foundational questions in animal advocacyA summary of the evidence on all sides of important foundational questions in effective animal advocacy.
Tiny Beam FundBeaconA series of key messages from academic works useful for tackling industrial animal agriculture in developing countries.
Tiny Beam FundAcademic Studies Without TearsA series that aims to turn academic research findings into accessible information for advocacy and frontline groups. Readers have to sign up via email.





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