Working together to examine why BAME populations in developed countries are severely affected by COVID-19

by gavintaylor1 min read3rd Aug 20201 comment



I wanted to share this article about an independent research effort led by my IGDORE colleague Michelle King-Okoye, who is aiming to improve healthcare outcomes for black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) population COVID patients in developed countries. While I wouldn't say that the project ranks highly against other EA-aligned healthcare work, the qualitative assessment of BAME COVID patient treatment outcomes does seem at least seem neglected when compared to the rest of the COVID response in developed countries.

I'm also quite impressed this has gotten so far as a grass-roots research effort and I think it's a good (but rare) example in-progress of independent academic research being done well.

[dislacimer, I'm a Global Board member at IGDORE and edited the article, although I am not involved in the research project]