Hey everybody!

I interviewed Sam Bankman Fried on The Lunar Society Podcast

Watch on YouTube, or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any other podcast platform. Read the full transcript here.

I asked a ton of questions about effective altruism and SBF's giving, such as:

  • Why he created a new EA philanthropic org instead of just donating to Open Philanthropy.
  • How he deals with adverse selection in the projects he gets proposed?
  • What would be the scenario in which he feels Future Fund didn't live up to its potential?
  • When is it best to donate directly and when is it better to influence the government to make something happen?
  • Are EA causes multiplicative?
  • How does he hedge against the possibility that utilitarianism is wrong in his giving?
  • Should we think of his charitable giving as a yearly contribution of a billion dollars or as a 30 billion hedge against the possibility that there's going to be some existential risk that requires a large pool of liquid wealth?

I also asked a bunch of questions about crypto, FTX, leadership, hiring, and scaling.

Hope you enjoy it! If so, please share it with your friends and on social media! Here is the announcement tweet. Thanks!




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I enjoyed this. You got Sam to say that's a really good question several questions in a row!

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