We at 80,000 Hours have released quite a bit of content over the last few weeks, so it would be easy to lose track or miss a piece!

So here's a list of all those articles that might be useful to you:

  1. Summary of all our COVID-19 related content, plus advice on staying healthy and sane during the lockdown, and links to the best other resources we've found
  2. Good news about COVID-19
  3. If you want to help the world tackle COVID-19, what should you do?
  4. Top donation options
  5. List of 250+ specific job vacancies and volunteering opportunities & 60+ funding sources
  6. Essential facts about the virus
  7. Podcast on the 12 best policy steps to stop pandemics including this one
  8. The case for and against attempting suppression
  9. Howie Lempel and Rob Wiblin explain the coronavirus crisis
  10. How to reduce global catastrophic biological risks more generally
  11. Added: Dr Greg Lewis on COVID-19 and reducing global catastrophic biological risks

We have two more pieces yet to come, including an interview with Greg Lewis about his problem profile on GCBRs . But otherwise we're going to try to mostly get back to our pre-COVID-19 priorities.

Thanks to everyone on the 80,000 Hours team who helped including Arden, Ben, Maria, Hartree and Howie.

Please do share these resources with people who you think could use them to help us end this pandemic sooner and limit the loss of life!

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speaking of covid-19, what do you think of the clapping towards the NHS doctors going on in the UK?

i know they do good work and all, but i feel like the general public are at least half-ignoring the people like the policy people and researchers. i think we should be clapping for them too, as they are, in principle, the ones that can put in practices and polices that can help prevent hospitals from being overfilled and actually solve this issue - even in the short term (as you can see with china, taiwan and south korea).

i would love to see your thoughts, thanks


i donated a small amount to two of the organisations recommended on the 80k website and also listened to your podcasts about COVID-19 (among as well non-covid-19 topics). although i don't understand all the details of every episode, i do think you make for a rather entertaining and informative host and i do look forward to future episodes.

Hi PBS, I understand where you're coming from and expect many policy folks may well be having a bigger impact than front-line doctors, because in this case prevention is probably better than treatment.

At the same time I can see why we don't clap for them in that way, because they're not taking on a particularly high risk of death and injury in the same way the hospital staff are right now. I appreciate both, but on a personal level I'm more impressed by people who continue to accept a high risk of contracting COVID-19 in order to treat patients.