There are several models that we could take to develop methods and tools in order to prepare for future pandemics. We should talk about them.

There are lots of different communities of people interested in "pandemic preparedness". Often it seems like we are all talking past each other and that is a missed opportunity. Personally, I think the questions we all want to answer are very similar but even if they are not there should be a lot to learn/share.

I recently came across which is a platform designed for these sort of conversations. From a first pass it seems great. Below is a conversation I’ve started aiming to find out what people think. Currently the questions are a pretty eclectic mix that I put together but you can and should submit your own.

The linked post provides some context (and perhaps makes my stance clear) for the conversation so feel free to jump right in instead (and add your own viewpoints). The general audience so far has been academic and practising epidemiologists (which is my community of practice).

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