I ran the first Technical AI Safety Unconference (TAISU) in August last year. Since that event was a success, I decided to do another one.

Start: Thursday, May 14th, 10am
End: Sunday, May 17th, 7pm
Location: CEEALAR [formerly the EA Hotel], 36 York Street, Blackpool, UK

This is an unconference around the question: “How do we design AI such that it is safe in the long run?” This includes things like alignment, corrigibility, transparency and also understanding humans and human value structures better. Questions regarding governance and coordination are not part of this particular event.

Because this is an unconference, it will become what you make of it. There will be an empty schedule which you, the participants, will fill up with talks, discussions and more.

You don’t have to stay the full length of the unconference. It is possible to join as many or as few days as you want to, and you are also welcome to stay longer at CEEALAR before or after the unconference. 

Who can participate
To be able to have a high level of discussion during the unconference, I'll require that all participants have some prior involvement with AI Safety. This year I’m also reserving at least half the spots for people who are currently working on AI Safety (as opposed to, have done so in the past, or are studying to do so in the future, doing something adjacent, etc).

If this seems like something for you, fill out this application form. Application deadline is February 23rd. I will inform you who is accepted on February 28th at the latest (If you need to know sooner, let me know). If there is still room after that I will accept qualified participants on a first come first serve basis. 

£150 for the unconference, regardless of how many days you are attending. This price include food but not accommodation.

If this is more than you can afford, let me know. If I think you belong at the unconference, I’ll give you as much discount as you need. 

Food: All meals will be provided by CEEALAR, no extra charge.

You are responsible to book and pay for your own accommodation.

You can book a bed at EA Hotel there through their booking system. Choose the “Grant Application (working on EA projects)” option and let them know you are there for the TAISU. The stay at the hotel is pay what you want, but it will be appreciated if you pay £12/night, which is the cost price. 

Alternatively you can get a room at any of the many nearby hotels.


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