Our CEO Howie Lempel is leaving us to take up a position at Open Philanthropy.

So we're looking for someone to replace him — or to fill the position of a current staff member should they become CEO.

Below is a very short summary of those roles.

If you'd like to know more you can read our full article on the vacancy here.

In brief, the CEO is ultimately responsible for increasing the positive social impact generated by 80,000 Hours. The key responsibilities include:

  • Setting the strategy for 80,000 Hours, including what audiences we should target with what types of recommendations, and which impact metrics to target
  • Inspiring the entire organisation to be ambitious in striving to increase our impact
  • Hiring, retaining, and firing senior staff
  • Ensuring we maintain positive aspects of our team culture, such as curiosity, honesty, and kindness
  • Ensuring we remain highly organised and functional
  • Managing relationships with our key donors and other stakeholders
  • Addressing the most important thorny issues that come up anywhere in the organisation

It's more likely than not that we will hire an internal candidate to fill the CEO role, which would then create a vacancy in another role within 80,000 Hours, potentially one of:

  • Director of Internal Systems: Currently has a team of around five and oversees our operations, legal compliance, hiring, and office.
  • Website Director: Manages a team of around eight and is focused on maintaining and building the website, producing written content, improving our career advice and our newsletter, and marketing our services to reach new users.
  • Director of Special Projects: Generalist role that involves leading or managing various ad-hoc projects on behalf of the CEO, usually in the strategy and operations space. The projects change quarterly and can include project managing fundraising, the annual review, salary updates, and helping with strategy refreshes for individual teams.

To learn more about 80,000 Hours, the role(s), what we're looking for in candidates, and how to express interest in them see the full article here.

We'll keep the expression of interest form open through 11pm GMT on 10 December — the sooner we receive them the better.




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