What are sets of two people where if they had a couple video calls together, the world could greatly benefit? I mean realistically, not just in the hypothetical case where they take an unlikely liking to each other. I mean based on the ways they could benefit each other or the information that one of them has that could help the other, as well as the likelihood of that information being received by the other party in a way that influences them.

It could also be interesting to think about the ways that this question applies to people you know personally.

In an ideal world, people would suggest great possible connections, and then people reading the thread may know one or both of the people and could make the intro happen. So if you know one of the people mentioned and could make an intro if there's someone that knows the other person, please comment on that answer.

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  • Crisis leadership experts with mayors, governors, and other leaders
  • Psychologists/marketers with mayors, governors, and other leaders
  • Open Phil with mayors, governors and other leaders
  • Struggling business owners with each other
  • Doctors from different countries with each other (with translators to mediate perhaps)
  • Bill Gates with the prime minister of Israel
  • The heads of all major hospitals with each other, and with the President of the US
  • Factory owners with each other

Curious to know why you think Bill Gates meeting the Israeli prime minister would be extraordinarily beneficial (: