Effective altruism is currently a rather small, narrow community - but the goals and virtues of the EA approach are ones that I think have great potential to be spread. I thought I would write a short post to highlight another community that I recently discovered which is working towards EA goals. I don't know if they are led or run by people familiar with the "main" effective altruism community, but I was pleased and surprised to run across them on twitter and their innovative fundraising efforts. Bronies for Good, is a fandom fundraising group for adult fans of the "My Little Pony" cartoon series. They produce charity fundraising fandom music albums - which to date have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. They recently moved their mission statement towards working on behalf of the most effective charity and launched a new Album "Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together"  raising funds for the Against Malaria Foundation. I thought it was pretty cool to find an entire community working on volunteer fundraising projects for effective altruism that I had never heard of before - So, please check them out if you like that cartoon and if you don't then hopefully it can still provide some inspiration and interest to the rest of us. 




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Thank you for sharing this! I hadn't known that Bronies for Good had switched to fundraising for organizations recommended by GiveWell-- given the variety of organizations that Bronies for Good has supported in the past, I certainly hope that they continue to support EA-approved organizations in the future, rather than moving on to another cause.

We've talked to them at Charity Science, and it sounds like they'll be sticking with GiveWell charities. It's worth highlighting again quite how impressive their fundraising achievements have been: I believe they've raised $220,000 since 2012.

There are a couple of Bronies in the LW-EA community - I wonder if one of them had anything to do with this.

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