Giving What We Can is launching a new volunteer-driven Chapter Growth strategy!

I have the sense that there is a lot of demand for concrete actions EA volunteers can take to help grow the movement. Indeed this has been mentioned on this forum on several occasions. My hope is that this strategy will, in part, help to satisfy the demand!

I outline the core ideas behind the strategy in this video.  A more detailed (and less meandering!) articulation of the strategy can be found in the following three documents:

Chapter Growth Team

Chapter Mentor Document

Starting a Chapter Remotely

If this strategy sounds like something you are interested in participating in- I encourage you to join the Chapter Outreach Facebook group.

Please let me know what you think of this strategy- it is early days so we are still figuring out the right structure and strategy for the group, so I would love some feedback!


2015 is going to be an awesome year for EA- lets make it even better with a bunch of new chapters! 




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This looks great!