1Day Sooner is hiring a new Communications Director to make the public case for our advocacy priorities. 

We think this role has the potential to be very high-impact: human challenge trials can still potentially save thousands of lives by accelerating the licensure of next-generation COVID-19 vaccines and advancing our understanding of the virus. Perception of public attitudes toward these trials seems to be a meaningful bottleneck toward their advancement, making the Communications Director well-positioned to advance their cause. 1Day Sooner is also aiming to broaden our advocacy in 2021, using the network and infrastructure we've built to promote vaccination by advocate for a National Vaccine Day and other projects. We are still relatively new as an organization, so the next Communications Director will have creative say and strategic input over the organization's direction. 

Applicants with a background in journalism and/or public health are preferred, but all candidates with good writing and speaking skills who can learn quickly about niche topics and make strategic advocacy decisions under significant uncertainty are encouraged to apply. 

I (Abie) am currently serving as Communications Director and will be leaving the role in a couple months to go to school. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone interested in applying— feel free to email me at communications at 1daysooner dot org.

Read the full job description and apply here




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