This is a pretty rough post since this topic is time sensitive. 

To EAs who are travelling for July 4th :

I know this is pretty unorthodox, but you may want to consider networking with other EAs at airports on your journey home.  This could be one of your few opportunities this year to have face to face interactions with EAs across the country. If you're comfortable doing so, you could announce your itinerary on social media or just comment below.  If you want to increase your chances of running into someone and don't mind working or chilling in airports, you could arrive at the airport early or stay at your final airport late.

You could do a similar thing for your car trip by choosing a popular rest stop ahead of time and committing to be there for a couple of hours. If airports or rest stops aren’t exactly your scene, then you could try to organize a more traditional meet-up. Especially if you’re in a big city for a couple days after July 4th, you should maybe commit to be at a café or wherever for a few hours and announce an open invitation for EAs to join you. I’ve personally made so many great connections with EAs over the past year, and I hope this post can inspire some of you to make a few more.




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