Hi, all - a quick altruism opportunity for you all: Giving What We Can has made a Project for Awesome video for the Deworm the World initiative. P4A is a youtube charity fundraising event, and with enough votes it could potential secure tens of thousands of dollars for DtW. Please vote for it (only takes a few seconds) and share it with friends and family. Thanks a bunch!






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Great job getting something up for this guys. If we wanted to improve it for next year, I'd suggest interspersing some footage of the work being done and putting key points like the cost to deworm a kid, the amount that've been helped and the benefits of deworming right at the start of the video (literally in the first 20 seconds if possible) and in text overlay so everyone sees them (a lot of people I've talked to who have watched P4A vids only watch the very start of them). Since it's a yearly thing the time investment now could pay off, and starting with those big facts to grab attention then winding into an introduction of where the research comes from and more description could work well.

Also, does anyone know how many of the top voted charities the money gets split between? Is it the top three, or top ten, or...? And how it's split (proportional to votes or equally)?

Last year the top 20 got funded, ($75,000 for top 10, $25,000 next 10) but it is a big ask because about 16 of those were campaigns run by big youtubers with hundreds of thousands of viewers or by groups like the "Harry Potter Alliance" who have close links to Hank and John. We were holding our own for the first day but seem to have dropped off a bit against these sorts of campaigns now.

It was definitely a rush job this year as a first attempt - so there is a lot we could improve on to make it more compelling as a campaign - hopefully we can take what we learnt and do something more next year.

Is there some sort of scoreboard one can watch?

We thought there was at the start - but it seems to have some algorithm about new votes we could not figure out. And, although we did not realise this at the start - charities with multiple videos for the same charity can have everyone vote on each video and they count cumulatively - so even that ranking was very unreliable. Anyway it's all finished now so we will see if we were successful after Xmas probably and can learn from it for next yet as it is an annual event but first time EA people have consciously done stuff as an EA cause.

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