Upcoming interviews on the 80,000 Hours Podcast

by Robert_Wiblin 1 min read1st Jul 20192 comments


Next week I'm interviewing Laura Deming about her work establishing an anti-ageing venture capital fund.

Later this month I'm interviewing Natalie Cargill and Liv Boeree about establishing Effective Giving and their public outreach work promoting EA.

We haven't found a date yet, but I'm also likely to be interviewing the famous cryptography and computer security expert Bruce Schneier about opportunities to do a lot of good through information security careers.

There's always time pressure that prevents us getting to everything we'd like to ask, but feel free to leave a comment below to suggest the questions you'd be interested to hear answered.

For those who missed them, over the last month or two we've put out a number of interviews that are also likely to interest forum contributors: