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Hi! I'm interested in contacting effective altruists in China. Is there a web-page with lists of active chapters, and their contact details? I haven't been able to find one online; there are a few groups here but none of them are in China. https://www.effectivealtruism.asia/groups




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Are you visiting China right now? For people in China, it's best to contact them through connections. The best person for that is [removed for privacy reasons].


No comment on whether it's best to contact through connections, but I think the best person for contacting through connections is Benjamin Todd, who according to this post, speaks basic conversational Chinese, had lived for almost a year in China, and had been doing research into the intersection between effective altruism in China over the year before 2018.

Due to these highly relevant experiences, and his caution about translating EA materials into Chinese, most such efforts were delayed for many years. He has been without doubt the most influential China... (read more)

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