Note: This is a repost, as the original was posted as a question instead of an actual post.

I have seen hell, but remain unchanged
The poorest animals are still in chains  
Their blood is still dripping  
Their mouths are still screaming  
and I do nothing but dis'gage.

The problem is large,  
and my hands are small.  
I cannot simply barge  
into their little stall.

Such actions would be useless  
since I would be toothless  
More subtle work would need to be done.

But such would take time, and effort, and skill!  
Many more resources than I have at will.  
My comparative advantage  
is math over manage.  
So to spend resources on such a plot...  
well... to be favorable, it would not.

Instead I should choose an action, a bill  
which plays to my strengths, the topology o' the hill.  
an action indeed, focused on math  
an action we need, what action is that?

It must be good, it must be pure  
it must resonate with me to my core.  
For I know myself, and my willpower is low  
I must remain motivated else take a big blow.

To focus on learning, and building my strengths  
is very much rewarding, but comes with some stakes:  
for I may miss a window of opportunity  
in which I could act and effect disproportion'ly

Or perhaps I become stuck in a state  
in which I keep saying "don't act! Just wait"

Instead maybe I should do projects and feats  
using those little skills I have at my feets  
the problem with this is that it is boring  
(or possibly I just haven't found a job that is charming.)

A false dichotomy indeed, this I know  
I can work on projects and yet still grow  
but now we ask: what proportion of each?  
How often to work, how often to teach?




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