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Hi all, I am in the midst of my career planning process as per the format of 80,000 Hours. At this moment, I am attempting to determine the 'neglectedness' of the problem areas that I have identified as pressing. However, I am not entirely sure what the best way is to go about doing so. 80,000 Hours presents a helpful framework (INT) for integrating neglectedness into the prioritization process once you have the actual data on current resource allocation, though I was wondering if there are any good resources for collecting this data in the first place?

Phrased differently, are there any good resources that help us somewhat reliably construct this 'world portfolio'? Or has somebody been working on constructing such a 'world portfolio' already (considering the whole of resource allocation, from charitable giving and philanthropy, to government plans and subsidies, to labor allocation, and so forth)?

'Neglectedness' is an incredibly important aspect in our prioritization and decision making process regarding resource allocation, and it seems like we would gain a lot as a community from having a (somewhat) reliable resource for this. I would love to hear your thoughts on where one might best start gathering this data, as well as on this idea of a tangible 'world portfolio'.




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I would also interested in this but can't find exactly what you're looking for on the Neglectedness or Global Priorities Research topics. As for the current allocation within EA, here's an overview.

The EA overview is already incredibly helpful Jelle! Appreciate you sharing that. It would be awesome if somebody was working on creating something like this but for the 'world portfolio'. A ton of work of course, and there is probably a lot of estimating and guessing involved. Though, it would be incredibly valuable in evaluating neglectedness of problem areas, and how we might be heading in the wrong or right direction over time. For now though, this is already very useful.

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