Dear all,

I hope you're well! Our new NGO Malengo, whose mission is to facilitate international educational migration, has had a good year: we more than doubled our program, and 18 young Ugandans are on their way to Germany to start their Bachelor's degrees. In the coming years we want to grow to many hundreds of students each year. 

We're now looking to grow our team: We're hiring a Country Director for Germany, and a Senior Program Manager — Africa. Both jobs have great conditions; e.g. we offer unlimited time off, and very competitive salaries. Here are the detailed descriptions: 

Country Director Germany:
Senior Program Manager — Africa:

More information about Malengo is on our website:

Please help us spread the word by sharing this widely! And please apply if you want to join us!

Many thanks and best wishes,



PS: Here is this year's cohort at a reception organized for them by the German Embassy in Kampala:




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Hey, I think you'll get more relevant candidates if you

  1. Put the position name in the title, it will let candidates know if clicking on this post is relevant for them
  2. Elaborate on the roles (not just behind a link), to let candidates filter easily on things like "local/remote" and decide if they want to read more. (you absolutely did this in your actual job post, I'd consider copying it here)

I hope this is helpful and hope you manage to hire great people!

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